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Board of Directors

Azita Arvani,, Director Since 2012, , General Manager of Rakuten Mobile of the Americas

Member of the Compensation, Executive and Governance Committees.

Ms. Arvani, through her work with Rakuten Mobile, Inc., and prior responsibilities, brings extensive experience in disruptive technologies, commercializing innovations, partnerships and ecosystems. As an executive leader and a consultant, she has helped a diverse set of companies develop and commercialize game-changing technologies. Her experience in new technologies and innovations is particularly valuable as we evolve our telemetry, robotics and other sustainable cleaning technologies.

Carol S. Eicher ,, Director Since 2008 , , Former Non-Executive Board Chairman of Innocor, Inc. (a Bain Capital portfolio company)

Chair of the Governance Committee, member of the Compensation and Executive Committees.

Ms. Eicher brings a wealth of global manufacturing, operations and merger and acquisition experience from her senior leadership positions at Innocor, Inc., The Dow Chemical Company, Rohm and Haas Company, Ashland Chemical Company and E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Company, Inc. In these positions she has led expansion efforts in developing countries and can provide insights as to the issues we may face as we expand our presence in Brazil, China and other developing countries.

Maria C. Green,, Director Since 2019, , Former Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Ingersoll Rand plc

Member of the Audit, Executive and Governance Committees.

Ms. Green was selected by the Board because of her extensive experience in public company corporate governance, global legal and compliance and international matters. She also brings extensive public company experience in the areas of acquisitions, enterprise risk management, environmental health, safety and sustainability and shareholder activism. This experience will be particularly valuable as we focus on successful global business integrations, achievement of acquisition-related synergies and maximizing shareholder value.

Andrew P. Hider ,, Director Since 2022, , Chief Executive Officer of ATS Corporation

Member of the Audit and Executive Committees.

Mr. Hider is an experienced executive with a track record of success. He has expertise in creating shareholder value by driving strategic clarity, business growth and operational performance in complex business environments and in a variety of industries.

His insights as the CEO of a global automation technology company are also very valuable, as we continue our drive to introduce focused innovations and new technology solves for some of our customers’ toughest challenges.

David W. Huml,, Director Since 2021, , President and Chief Executive Officer of Tennant Company

Mr. Huml, our President and Chief Executive Officer, has been with the company since 2014 and has over 25 years of global experience including product management, marketing, operations and business unit leadership and has demonstrated capabilities driving global growth, new product innovation, and M&A.

Timothy R. Morse ,, Director Since 2021, , Past Chief Executive Officer of Ten-X

Member of the Audit, Compensation and Executive Committees.

Mr. Morse brings global financial and management experience to the Board from his senior leadership roles at Ten-X, Yahoo! Inc, General Electric Plastics and Altera Corporation. His specific knowledge of accounting and internal controls, business processes, and mergers and acquisitions will benefit our business as we continue to expand our global leadership position, and his leadership experience with innovative companies will provide insight as we continue to disrupt the cleaning industry with new solutions.

Donal L. Mulligan,, Director Since 2009 , , Former Chief Financial Officer, General Mills

Chair of the Audit Committee, member of the Executive and Governance Committees.

Mr. Mulligan was selected by the Board not only because of his financial expertise and his various senior financial and operations leadership positions at large multinational public companies, but also because of his knowledge in developing, marketing and branding innovative products, which is particularly relevant to our business.

Steven A. Sonnenberg ,, Director Since 2005, Chair of the Board Since 2021, Lead Director Since 2016, , Retired from Emerson Automation Solutions

Chair of the Board, Lead Director, Chair of the Executive Committee, member of the Audit and Governance Committees.

Mr. Sonnenberg is an expert in global sales, operations and expansion. His leadership roles with Emerson Electric Company and its various divisions have helped him acquire a specific expertise in process improvement, grounded in systems and metrics that are critical to successful, scalable growth and expansion, which applies directly to our process improvement and growth initiatives. His experience with global acquisitions and joint ventures, and his expertise in emerging markets are also very valuable as we grow our global business.

David Windley,, Director Since 2016 , , President of IQTalent Partners

Chair of the Compensation Committee, member of the Executive and Governance Committees.

Mr. Windley has extensive global human resources management, succession planning and executive compensation expertise from his executive roles with IQTalent Partners, Fusion-io, Inc., Yahoo! Inc. and Microsoft Corporation. His experience with leading technologies will be particularly valuable as we expand how we use digital technology in our products and in our go-to-market initiatives.

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