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Tennant Company Launches New Family of Upright Vacuums to Offer a Unique Blend of Performance, Durability and Affordability

Oct. 10, 2011

MINNEAPOLIS, Oct 10, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Tennant Company (NYSE: TNC), a world leader in designing, manufacturing, and marketing solutions that create a cleaner, safer, healthier world, today introduces its new family of upright vacuums to provide solutions for customers who need simple, commercial-grade products with proven performance at a lower total cost of ownership. Designed to handle a variety of floor-care challenges, Tennant's new upright vacuum line offers various size and power options for facilities with small, hard-to-reach areas, large spaces, and anywhere in between.

Building on the highly successful Single Motor Upright (V-SMU-14) launched in 2010, Tennant has added three new options to its upright vacuum line of products: a Lightweight Upright (V-LWU-13), a Dual Motor Upright (V-DMU-14) and a Wide Area Vacuum (V-WA-30). Each of Tennant's upright vacuums is designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily cleaning use by using components that have been proven in commercial application for more than five years. The durability of these upright vacuums lowers total cost of ownership by minimizing the time and money associated with replacing common vacuum parts. Tennant's suite of vacuums offers an essential commercial cleaning solution for healthcare, education, retail, office and hospitality environments.

Tennant Upright Vacuum Suite Benefits

  • Enhances productivity and efficiency with designs geared for operator comfort and to provide greater maneuverability and ease of use;
  • Improves the cleanliness and maximizes the life of carpet with effective removal of soil and dust containment as certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI);
  • Enhances the environmental air quality of a facility by using a HEPA filtration system that comes standard on every machine to effectively trap fine air particles that can lead to allergy and asthma;
  • Lowers total cost of ownership by using more durable and longer-lasting components than typical commercial vacuums to minimize time and money spent replacing common parts; and
  • Provides any-time-of-the-day cleaning without disruption in noise-sensitive areas with sound levels that are less than 70 dBA.

"Tennant offers customers affordable solutions without sacrificing performance or features that make it easy for them to operate," said Rusty Zay, vice president of global marketing for Tennant Company. "Our newest family of upright vacuums delivers essential commercial cleaning products to meet the toughest carpet care challenges."

The Lightweight Upright (V-LWU-13) effectively cleans small, hard-to-reach areas

At only 8 lbs. and CRI Gold certification, this unit is ideal for small spaces or applications where the vacuum is lifted on/off carts, up/down stairs or transported from building to building.

The Dual Motor Upright (V-DMU-14) provides extra power for heavy-duty cleaning needs

The Dual Motor Upright is a powerful machine with CRI Silver certification. Similar to the recently launched Single Motor Upright, Tennant focused on designing a vacuum that virtually eliminates at least four of the top maintenance and reliability issues--issues that put vacuums in the repair shop and are a nuisance to operators. It is ideal for medium-size facilities that have a lot of combination hard/soft floors or areas that require a lot of detail cleaning.

The Wide Area Vacuum (V-WA-30) quickly cleans large spaces

At 30"/76 cm wide, Tennant's new Wide Area Vacuum offers productivity improvements over traditional upright vacuums. Large facilities with open spaces are ideal applications for maximizing the productivity benefits this vacuum offers.

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Minneapolis-based Tennant Company (NYSE: TNC) is a world leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing solutions that help create a cleaner, safer, healthier world. Its products include equipment for maintaining surfaces in industrial, commercial and outdoor environments; chemical-free and other sustainable cleaning technologies; and coatings for protecting, repairing and upgrading floors. Tennant's global field service network is the most extensive in the industry. Tennant has manufacturing operations in Minneapolis, Minn.; Holland, Mich.; Louisville, Ky; Uden, The Netherlands; the United Kingdom; São Paulo, Brazil; and Shanghai, China; and sells products directly in 15 countries and through distributors in more than 80 countries. For more information, visit

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